David Eichenbuam, MD

Feedback and reviews from patients of Dr. Eichenbaum

Intermediate Uveitis
August 2012

"I was referred to Dr. Eichenbaum by another eye care professional for treatment of uveitis and I could not be in better hands. His actions from the very first visit demonstrated that his only desire to to correct the problem and restore the maximum amount of vision possible. Dr. Eichenbaum fully explains treatment options and readily answers questions, regardless of how trivial they may sound. Dr. Eichenbaum ensures that you the patient understand the issues by not using, without detailed explanations, medical terms that are hard to understand. Outstanding doctor. The office staff at the St. Petersburg office is exceptional. For example, before my last visit, not only did they remind me of the appointment but they also tracked down the referral from my insurance so there were no problems concerning billing. Medical assistance are professional, polite, and truly make patients comfortable with the process."
PATIENT: Patient: 56 year old consultant Ozurdex for Intermediate Uveitis."

Lattice Degeneration
June 2013

REVIEW: Professional, competent with caring and compassion. Excellent explaining the retina and what he was doing. Very conservative instead of surgery happy! The techs were very personable and professional. They are caring, efficient and courteous. Receptionist had a smile for all.
Patient: Year old man with Lattice Degeneration with atrophic holes treated with laser.

Wet AMD and Ocular Histoplasmosis
September 2012

REVIEW:"I have histoplasmosis and wet macular degeneration. Dr. Eichenbaum is wonderful and I highly recommend him. He is very informative, knowledgable and concerned about my condition. He is doing his best to keep the problem with my eyes under control. He has mentioned to me, on several occasions, to call at any time if I feel that I am in trouble with my eyes, even if it is in the middle of the night. I receive the Lucentis shots in both eyes every six weeks to keep my condition under control. Dr. Eichenbaum uses the numbing gel instead of the numbing shot. I feel the gel is 150% better than the numbing shot. The shots were causing many after effects, like severe redness and a feeling of having a cup of sand in my eyes. The gel is much better. I don't know what I would do if it weren't for Dr. Eichenbaum. He has saved my vision."
"Mercedes is the best of the receptionists thus far. She is very efficient. Ennis, Sheila and Lyndsay are all wonderful. They all have a wonderful bedside manner. They are all very attentive to my needs. I have known Ennis the longest of the three and he is super! However, Sheila and lyndsay are as well. I am very pleased with the service that they all afford me."
PATIENT: 66 year old partially retired business owner treated with Avastin and photodynamic laser

Wet Macular Degeneration
July 2013

This doctor is one of the best out of many that I have seen over the past thirty years. Every one is efficient and helpful.
PATIENT: 83 year old retired businessman treated with thermal laser

Wet Macular Degeneration
July 2013

Dr. Eichenbaum has been treating me for macular degeneration for three years. He has allowed me to participate in the treatment. I.E. Type of drug used for the injection, frequency of screenings, and determining whether to have laser surgery. He actually listens! He has a way of making you comfortable in a stressful situation. Compassionate and caring. Outstanding service. The office staff is wonderful, efficient and professional.
PATIENT: 71 year old retired mail carrier treated with Lucentis and Eylea.

Myopic Macular Hole
October 2012

It was just awesome to not only see the high level of my doctor's experience but, to also see his caring attitude towards me as a person and a military veteran. We developed an instant report. It was also great to see him washing his hands before attending to my needs. Very easy to check-in. Good to know they knew their way around St Pete....gave exact direction for me to get home.
PATIENT: 50 Year Old Active Duty Military.

Retinal Tear
March 2014

Very personable. Spoke to me in a friendly manner while giving me lots of knowledge about my condition. I felt heard and nurtured. The staff was excellent, from the receptionist booking me in just a few hours, to a marvelous nurse named Mario who led me through registration and tests.
PATIENT: Patient: 60 year old Counselor laser for retinal tear.

Retinal Tear
March 2013

Dr. Eichenbaum could not have been more professional or informative. He explained the procedure and exactly what to expect each step of the way. I had a repair of a torn retina and there was no pain at all to the repair. I had returned north at the time of my check on it and the retinal specialist up north was not only extremely impressed with the repair but also surprised at the lack of pain with the procedure! I would highly recommend Dr. Eichenbaum! As well as his medical expertise he has a very warm and comforting personality! The office staff was courteous, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable and adept in their field. They were very accommodating with scheduling and I was seen in a timely manner!
PATIENT: 68 year old housewife Cryotherapy retinal tear

Retinal Vein Occlusion
April 2013

I had a retinal vein occlusion and have lost the majority of my sight in one eye. Dr. Eichenbaum has been so helpful in my diagnosis and my continued care. My husband and I feel very safe and comforted after an appointment. This office has the most modern equipment and professional staff. I would recommend this Doctor strongly for any retina problem. I am so Blessed to have been directed here. The office staff is very professional and considerate of my needs.
PATIENT: 60 year old repair operator Problem: Central Retinal Vein Occlusion - longstanding