David Eichenbaum, MD Wins Best Scientific Poster at the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting 2015
Thu, Dec 24, 2015
Dr. Eichenbaum presented data on the response of certain lesions in wet macular degeneration to ranibizumab (Lucentis) injection.  His work explained the association of atrophy with the flattening o elevations in the outer macula, called pigment epithelial detachments.  His analysis of the pivotal HARBOR data, which includes the only currently published prospectively acquired database on spectral-domain high-resolution OCT in neovascular macular degeneration, elucidates some of the changes in mretinal anatomy we see in the treatment of macular degeneration.  The Academy selects some of the most significant scientific work presented at the Annual Meeting for recognition each year.  Dr. Eichenbaum's presentation merited the award in 2015.