Lucentis Reduces Diabetic Retinopathy
Mon, Dec 1, 2014
Lucentis Reduces Diabetic Retinopathy
3-year Results Show Regression of Diabetic Retinopathy with Lucentis
The RISE and RIDE trials randomized 759 patients to receive either laser-only treatment, Lucentis 0.3mg, or Lucentis 0.5mg monthly for 3 years to treat diabetic macular edema (DME).  In addition to monthly Lucentis showing superiority to stand-alone laser for DME, a benefit in the severity of the diabetic retinopathy itself was seen.  In patients treated promptly with Lucentis, there was a significant reduction in the severity of the diabetic retinopathy in almost 2 out of 5 patients.  Some of these patients regressed from proliferative retinopathy to non-proliferative retinopathy.  There was also a substantial reduction in the worsening of retinopathy, with a reduction in the number of patients worsening to proliferative retinopathy over 3 years to about 12% with Lucentis treatment from 33% with laser-only treatment.

In addition, in the RISE and RIDE extension study over the 4th and 5th years of treatment, even with a much lower frequency of dosing with Lucentis on an as-needed bases, the majority of patients receiving more intense Lucentis treatment for the first 3 years continued to do well and show persistent improvement in the severity of the diabetic retinopathy.  These results support the thought that more aggressive injection treatment after diabetic eye disease is initially diagnosed may result in a lower treatment requirement later in the disease course, with durable improvements in anatomy over time.